(Erstwhile Human Resourse Development Centre)
Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar. Haryana, India.

Programme Categories


Orientation / First Level Programmes

 Every new faculty member in higher education will be required to undergo a four week Orientation / First level Programme which will be focused on some broad area of knowledge spanning a few allied disciplines.

The objective of the orientation programme is to make teachers an agent of socioeconomic change and put them in centre stage of national development. The programme shall have the following components:

Refresher / Second Level Programmes
These are mainly focused for those faculty members who have already undergone through the Orientation/First Level Programme in an indentified broad area. The programme will be discipline specific with advanced developments in an identified subject under the concerned broad area. In addition, there will be three week Refresher Programmes, geared towards emerging cross discipline advanced studies to enable the participants of relevant disciplines to work together or contemporary application of new knowledge for industrial and social development and other allied aspects. The goal would be to equip and motivate the participants with advanced knowledge to accept challenges of quality teaching and research.

These are organized for shorter duration of one week and will be covering mainly for capacity building of academics, administrators and other stakeholders.

Short-Term Course
These are 3-6 days duration especially on research methodology and specialized themes of interest.