Haryana School of Business

Research Projects

Name of the Teacher Title of the project Duration Funding Agency Amount
Prof. Usha Arora A Sectoral Comparison of marketing Practices of banks in India 2003-06 UGC Rs 3,59,754/-
Prof. S.C. Kundu &
Prof. B.K. Punia
Human Resource Management Practices in Software Industry: A Deterministic Study 2003-06 UGC Rs. 413077/-
Prof. H.L. Verma &
Dr. N.K.Bishnoi
Extension Services for quality assurance in technical education: A study of need, status and future strategies 2002-07 AICTE Rs. 4,15,000/-
Prof. H.L. Verma Establishment of Industrial Institute Partnership Cell 2004 AICTE Rs. 4,50,000/-
Prof. B.K. Punia &
Prof.S.C. Kundu
Management Education in India: An empricial investigations into its quality standards 3 Years
Completed in 2004
UGC Rs. 3,56,700/-
Dr. Karam Pal &
Dr. M.C. Garg
Emergance of EVA Prospects Completed in 2005 UGC Rs. 3,13,963/-
Prof. M.S. Turan &
Prof.B.S. Bodla
Risk and rewards of stock markets: A study of select asuian countries 2002-05 UGC Rs. 317404/-
Prof. Usha Arora Management of NPAs in banks Upto 2002 UGC Rs. 10,000/-
Dr. Pardeep Gupta Optimization of doctor strength in hospitals using queuing theory 2002-03 UGC Rs. 10,000/-
Prof. M.S.Turan Special assistance project (SAP) at DRS level 2002-07 UGC Rs. 30,00,000/-
Dr. Anil Kumar Women Entrepreneurship in Northern India : Growth, Problems, Perceptions and Expectations 2003-06 UGC Rs. 4.15,000/-
Dr. Ved Pal
Dr. N.K.Bishnoi
Economic Implications of India's External Debt 2003-06 GJU, Hisar Rs. 15,000/-
Dr. Meena Sharma &
Dr. N.K.Bishnoi
Funds Management in State Industrial Development Corporations: A Comparative Study 2000-04 UGC Rs. 3,70,000/-
Dr. Ved Pal
Dr. N.K.Bishnoi
A Study of Productivity and Efficiency of Commercial Banks in India during Pre and Post Liberalization period 2003-06 UGC Rs. 4,53,960/-
Prof. B.K.Punia Special assistance project (SAP) at DRS-II level April 2007-
March 2012
UGC Rs. 40,20,000/-
Prof. B.K.Punia Performance Appraisal of Academia in Indian University system : A Diagnostic Analysis April 2007 -
March 2010
UGC Rs. 5,06,000/-
Dr. Vinod Bishnoi Understanding Rural Consumers & impact of Marketers Efforts on their mindset A case study of select consumer products in Haryana April 2007 -
March 2010
UGC Rs. 4,37,400/-
Dr. N.K.Bishnoi Fiscal Capacity Assessment of Government of Haryana 2006 Haryana State Finance Commission, Chandigarh Rs. 20,000/-
Dr. N.K.Bishnoi &
Dr. Ved Pal
Fiscal Management of Haryana: A Critical Study 2006 Onwoards UGC Rs. 2,70,000/-
Dr. N.K.Bishnoi Fisca l Management of Haryana: A Review 2007-09 World Bank Rs. 300,000/-
Prof. H.L. Verma Establishment of Industrial Institute Partnership Cell 2004 AICTE Rs. 4,50,000/-
Prof. B.S. Bodla & Dr. Karam Pal Corporate Financial Practices in Liberalized Era: A Study of Select firms in India 2006- 08 UGC Rs. 339300/-
Dr. Karam Pal Teaching research and controlling pedagogies in finance in leading bussiness school in India 2007- 08 UGC Rs. 140000/-
Dr. Anju Verma &
Dr. Ubha Savita
Perception and Expectation of the stakeholders towards retailing as a carrier option 2009- 10 GJUS&T Rs. 30000/-
Prof. Karam Pal An Emperical investigation of relationship between corporate intellectual capital and financial performance reporting system 2010- 12 UGC Rs. 680000/-
Dr. Khujan Singh Farmers perception towards FDI in retail in India 2012- 13 GJUS&T Rs. 40000/-
Dr. Tika Ram &
Dr. Dalbir Singh
A Study of social marketing programmer on HIV/AIDS in Haryana 2013 UGC Rs. 521200/-
Dr. Suresh Mittal A Study of investment pattern of households in Haryana 2012- 13 GJUS&T Rs. 40000/-
Prof. Pardeep Gupta A Study of business forecasting practices in Indian corporate sector 2012- 14 UGC Rs. 453000/-
Dr. Suresh Mittal Price Behavior of Equity Stocks in India. 2014-18 UGC Rs. 833400/-