Welcome to Department of Economics

The Department of Economics was established in 2018 to impart education to the students of graduate and post graduate level in economics and carry out cutting edge research in the areas relevant for local, state, national and international level. It is a nascent department with lot of hope and aspiration to achieve excellence in time to come with recruitment of competent faculty and world class physical infrastructure including state of the art computing facilities, access to varied data sources for hands on training of students and also researchers. The course content of the courses is designed keeping in requirement of applied aspect of learning of economic tools and models with requisite blende of conceptual rigor, mathematical modeling, computing and data processing proficiency, with the active involvement of prominent economists, policy makers and industry professionals. The students are trained to prepare and write scientific reports, articles and policy documents. Students at all levels are provided with platform to listen and exchange thoughts with leaders in the field of economics, and engage in research. The hands-on training in applied aspect of economic theory equips the students to work in consultancy companies, think tanks, research institutions, banks, financial institutions, government jobs, industry associations, and in corporate houses.Presently, there is tremendous demand for trained economists in India and abroad.

Course Offered:

Ph.D. (Economics)
M.Sc. (Economics) - 4 Semester
Integrated B.Sc. (Hons/Hons with Research)- M.Sc. Economics