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Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI&DS) have experienced tremendous growth in recent years, branching out from Computer Engineering and reshaping industries with disruptive innovations. Data Science, as an interdisciplinary field, excels in extracting valuable insights from various data types, while coupled with AI, it enhances the efficiency of information extraction from diverse data sources. With its interdisciplinary nature, AI&DS aims to create intelligent systems capable of learning from data, addressing challenges across sectors such as Agriculture, Healthcare, and Governance. Recognizing its transformative potential, the Government of India has prioritized AI, leading to the launch of programs to cultivate a skilled workforce capable of driving innovation. AI&DS focuses on methodologies from statistics, cognitive science, and computing, enabling intelligent decision-making and the development of data-driven solutions to real-world problems, positioning it as a specialized branch at the forefront of technological advancement.
The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, established in 2019, is committed to ensuring academic excellence and providing extensive research and career opportunities. Offering a range of programmes including B.Tech. (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science), B.Sc. (Hons./Hons. with Research) Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science), M.Sc. Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science), and Ph.D. Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science), the department aims to produce highly skilled graduates to drive the high-value economy growth of the country. These programmes strike a balance between computing, statistics, and mathematical sciences, providing comprehensive training in data science. These programmes equip the students with technical skills for data analytics, robotics automation, and visualization in real-time applications. With an interdisciplinary curriculum blending computer science, mathematical foundations, AI techniques, machine learning principles and more, students gain a holistic understanding of AI and data science. Additionally, the department offers professional courses and encourages students to pursue global certifications, opening doors to diverse career opportunities such as data engineer/ scientists , AI engineer/ scientists, AI data analyst, big data engineer/ scientists, business intelligence developer, machine learning engineer / scientist, software architect, software developer and more, as well as avenues for startups, entrepreneurship, and higher studies.

Course Offered:

M.Sc. Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science)
B.Sc. (Hons/Hons with Research) Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science)

PEO's & PO's Course Scheme & Syllabus (2023 onwards) Environment syllabus Fee Sructure Seats

OBJECTIVE : The B.Sc. in Data Science is intended for students studying any discipline at this University and is designed to prepare them for future work with significant data science components.