Academic Council

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1. 57 19.03.2021 Minutes
2. Guidelines for Demographic Functioning of the Department(s)
3. 56 14.10.2020 Minutes
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5. 54 04.02.2020 Minutes ---
6. 53 28.03.2019 Minutes ---
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  • The Academic Council shall be the principal academic body of the University and shall subject to the provisions of this Act, the Statutes and Ordinances, co-ordinate and exercise general supervision over all academic policies of the University.
  • The constitution of the Academic Council, the term of office of its members and its powers and functions shall be such as may be prescribed by the Statutes.

Academic Council and its Constitution :
The Academic Council shall consist of the following persons, namely:-

  • Ex officio members:-
  • Other members:-
    • One professor appointed by the University from each faculty by rotation on the basis of seniority.  
    • One University Associate Professor from each faculty, by rotation on the basis of seniority.  
    • One University Assistant Professor from each faculty, by rotation on the basis of seniority.  
    • Four eminent educationists to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor from outside the University; Provided that not more than one of them shall be from the same field.  
    • Four persons from public sector industries of the Central and State Government, in the State having proficiency in matters relating to industry and research, to be nominated by Chancellor on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor;  
    • Two Principals of affiliated colleges nominated by the Vice-Chancellor;  
    • The Registrar shall be the Member-Secretary of Academic Council.
    • Two fifth of the members will form a quorum.
    • Save as otherwise expressly provided, the members of the Academic Council, other than Ex officio members, shall hold office for a term of two years.
    • The method of election shall be by simple majority voting by ballot and the elections shall be conducted in accordance with the rules framed by the Vice-Chancellor.